Is Life Insurance Worth It and When Do You Need It?

We’re all going to live forever, right? That’s a rhetorical question and the answer is obviously, no. But it is hard to talk about life insurance without talking about death.  If you were to die, would your family be financially stable without you? Depressing, I know, but this is a necessary question that everyone should … Read more

How To Buy Life Insurance The Easy Way

Did you just get married? Or have a new baby? If so, that means it’s time to buy life insurance! Or, if you’ve already got life insurance, a new family member means it’s time to review your coverage and determine whether you need to buy more. Life insurance is a critical component of financial security that … Read more

FAQ: The young adult’s guide to affordable health insurance

Here is a brief guide to some of the most frequently asked questions about getting health insurance as a Young Adult in the era of Obamacare (if it lasts). Even if the Trump Administration successfully repeals and replaces Obamacare, some of the plan’s features—like the ability to shop for and purchase health insurance on your own—will hopefully stick … Read more

When do you need to buy life insurance?

Life insurance isn’t usually on a twentysomething’s list of financial priorities. And that’s okay. Maybe. If you’re happily single and childless, you can probably skip this post (for now). But if marriage or a family is on the horizon, read on. Although age may play a role in how much life insurance coverage you need, the … Read more

Life Insurance In The Age Of Coronavirus

Bars are closing. Restaurants are switching to takeout only. And across the nation, life insurance companies are fielding a flood of calls from consumers. If you don’t already have life insurance, you may be considering using a service like Policygenius to quickly comparison shop for a better rate. Even those who have it may be … Read more